Saturday, 1 August 2009


The human face is a landscape that we never tire of. We are programmed to be on the constant look out for faces, even where there isn't one, or where it's a heavy abstraction of a real face.

As such, I'm hooked on the website called morphthing at the moment. If you could have told people 50 years ago that we would have the technology to blend faces together, I can only imagine their minds would have been blown. Well, my mind is blown and it continues to be. I can't believe we can do this.

The site is clearly aimed at teenagers, and is seen as a fairly frivolous thing. Maybe it is. I can imagine the "you've got too much time on your hands" response, or "it's all a bit silly really". I dunno. I just keep thinking it's amazing and taps into something fundamental about our perceptions.

No point hiding from the fact that I have an interest in my own face. As such, here's me with Whoopi Goldberg:

Mona Lisa:

Barack Obama:

This is me today with me when I was about 6:

Then there is other people who you can combine. This is Tupac and Tony Blair:

Tupac, Tony Blair and a Tiger:

Harry Potter and Hitler: (or Harry Pittler, if you will...)

Britney Spears and George Lucas:

It just goes on and on. Weird, androgynous people and splendid combinations. You can reconfigure your own face. Such giddy fun!

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