Sunday, 14 June 2009

Stay Sick

Three characteristics that sometimes go hand in hand: low self-esteem, laziness and misanthropy. I have a suspicion that the second two stem from the first.

These are all characteristics that are generally considered shortcomings. Well, I don't see much use for any of them although I've had a sprinkling of all three off and on over the years. As it happens, it would seem that some of my pals have as well - at least low self-esteem and misanthropy (I don't want to judge anyone else as lazy). But I like my pals.

So I figure, even if those characteristics aren't much use in and of themselves, perhaps something good accompanies them. Being of that disposition makes one more philosophical, or gives you a better sense of humour. Or you don't take the culture we've been handed at face value and one prefers to look at the world as an outsider.

Channel your symptoms!

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Karen Burke said...

Because the last theory I read on the "outsider complex" was in Families and How to Survive Them by Robin Skynner and John Cleese I kind of wince every time I hear it. Strangely, the theory they posit on the outsider complex is the one thing I took away from the book - that and the fact that psychoanalysis has moved on since 1984 (which is when the book was published).