Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sunglasses that make you look like an Asshole

Fashion is a peculiar thing. Initially, it was only available to the very wealthy - nobility, and the like. Not something that the peasants could afford. Modern day-peasants wear Nike!

(OK. That's me at my most non-PC, but there's a kernel of truth to it)

Fashion changes tremendously quickly nowadays - every decade in the 20th Century has its own aesthetic, but it wasn't like that in the 1300s. As such, we are sensitized to possible errors we made in recent history. Errors in the 70s:

and errors in the 80s:

Incidentally, if you ever have a moment of thinking that black people are automatically cooler than white people, look at this picture again. They usually are cooler, mind. But this pic serves as a sobering reminder that even people as hip as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five can be corrupted...

At any rate, our mistakes become clearer in hindsight but I think I know what we'll be looking at in 20 years and asking ourselves, 'why the hell did we wear that?'. This is a picture I took of a poor dupe while I was on the tube in London:

This plonker presumably believes that those glasses will make him look cool and mysterious. They won't. It's just a big mistake.

Mis-shapen, over sized. Bad.

Fingers crossed that guy won't see this blog, track me down and kick my ass.....


Karen said...

I heard someone philosophise that you can't fake superficiality whereas you can fake depth in art. i.e. you can walk away from an exhibition of an empty room with the only the artist's name tag on show and after a few hours come back and think - "yeah, that was deep" - but you can't fake supficiality. i.e a hat either looks good or it looks rubbish.

I take the opinion, however, that a hat can look good on one person and rubbish on someone else.

Paul Taberham said...

I'm with you on that. But these shades, I just don't think they would look good on anyone.

Some clothes/ shades are just bad