Thursday, 12 February 2009

We saw some animals

I went to the zoo with Sandie last weekend, we had a splendid day out!

I saw Nellie the Elephant

Here are some big horned beasts that were feasting on hay. I can't remember what these are

I saw a Gorilla that sat peacefully and ate some leaves. As I watched, I imagined that this must be what prehistoric man looked like for most of the day. Just sitting around eating quietly

I saw this creature and said to Sandie, "what is that?". She replied "I don't know but it sure likes oranges". She was right. I think we read somewhere that it's related to Raccoons. So his name is Rocky Raccoon

Finally, here is a muddy Rhino. I don't know if Rhinos like wallowing in mud or what. Maybe they do it to keep cool - I've heard pigs do that. It might just be an unkempt Rhino. I thought about how Rhinos look wrinkly pretty much from birth. Their not old or anything, that's just how they look

I enjoyed myself enjoying the animals, if that makes sense. It's a simple pleasure, looking at stuff and going "ooo! look at that"

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