Monday, 2 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1) I frequently tap melodies with my fingers

2) I am politically to the left, but I mistrust any group that consistently polarizes towards the same opinion

3) I enjoy experiencing bad art, because I can think about what is wrong with it

4) The points of focus between my two eyes don't properly converge

5) My fringe has inspired a comparison with Dogtanian

6) As far as I understand, if you are atheist then you have to believe that consciousness is a side-product of the firing of neurons. To me, this requires a substantial leap of faith. Therefore I believe in God

7) I always mis-spell the word necessary. For some reason, "neccesary" looks right to me

8) Instead of having a song played at my funeral, I'd rather have the short film "Rainbow Dance" by Len Lye screened (it's on youtube if you're curious - though it's a blurry copy)

9) I don't think that all religions are the same at the end of the day

10) I really like my life at the moment

11) I am gluten intolerant, pescetarian, I avoid artificial sweeteners and high-glycemic index food, and I try to stay away from dairy and peanuts

12) I resent Pythagoras for developing the chromatic scale

13) I think that wearing gold jewellery is odd and a little perverse

14) I don't like 'folk wisdom' (e.g. "everybody is different", or "just be yourself")

15) I feel good when I cry, even if it's about something sad

16) I think that the best use of the english language can be found in modern day, working-class Jamaica

17) My mum hypnotized me to treat my phobia of spiders. It was helpful

18) I try and pay attention to noise that is sent to my visual cortex, rather than just the retinal impression of things

19) I once asked someone what "ionic" means while I was in a restaurant in Broadstairs. As they were explaining it to me, Bob Geldof walked past the window. I got distracted, and still don't know what ionic means

20) I think that Bassett Hounds look a bit like Rabbits

21) Three of my favorite artists - Spalding Gray, Stan Brakhage and Harry Partch

22) I once saw a girl with a dog on a train. She ate a bag of crisps, and then let the dog lick her salty hand

23) I think that New Scientist is a great magazine

24) I threw a snowball at a tree today

25) Provided nothing unexpected should happen, I would hope to live long enough to see the 2050s

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Arietty Dexter said...

This really makes me want to get to know you better :)