Monday, 5 January 2009

Rage in a Shopping Center

I'm reluctant to visit shopping centers, or shopping in general for that matter. Or engaging in any kind of discourse with the public domain. One of the reasons I'm glad that I don't have TV is because it's another way that I don't have to think about how our intelligence is continually being under-estimated. Case in point, I was in a shopping center recently and besides having to endure the insipid, limp-wristed music that's being forced in my head, I also saw following:

What's the point in the additional exclamation points? Do they actually think that these will get us more excited about the price reductions? They won't. It'll just edge us that little bit closer into the state of living-death where we're numb to everything and nothing is as fulfilling as it seems.

Obnoxious!!! Idiotic!!! Patronising!!!

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