Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Glass of Pure Heaven

No doubt about it, I'm definitely a middle-class kind of guy. Every once in a while I see something that brings this middle-class thing back to the surface.

I was in my local convenience store today and saw this:

I find stuff like this very difficult not to judge from some kind of elitist perspective. Is it just me? I have a theory that if you read "great deals! 99p Pure Heaven" you're locked into this predicament of either having to think "oh boy, that's a good price for a taste of pure heaven" or thinking "nasty shit".

It's illegible from the size of this picture, but the bottle says across the front "Sparkling Celebration Drink". The thought that people actually celebrate special occasions with this stuff makes me mist over for some reason. Celebrating with a glass of tap water wouldn't have quite the same depth of tragedy than celebrating with a glass of Pure Heaven.

Like I said, I'm middle-class. So sue me.

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Karen said...

As long as you don't trash The Sun again. ;) That is a masterpiece.