Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Theory to Defend

I invested in a Canon XH A1 Video Camera today, thus upgrading from the Canon XL1. I'm really happy about this, and am looking forward to having a new toy to play with, plus I'll be making better wedding vids, I'm sure. One of the major advantages in this upgrade is the addition of a flip-out screen. If you look at the pictures, you'll see that the XH A1 (the black one) has a little screen that comes out and the XL1 (the white one) just has a viewfinder that you have to look into with one eye.

I was discussing my XL1 with a video technician recently, and I complained about the absence of a flip-out screen. My objection was that since I spend somewhere in the region of 5 hours per day filming wedding footage, it's a little tough on the eye having to stare into a tube for that long. Her counter argument is that it saves on battery if you just have the small screen. I replied that if you keep a second battery to hand then that isn't such a problem. She replied, "ah yes, but professionals look through the viewfinder".

This pisses me off for a few reasons. First of all, she didn't address the fact that it hurts my eye to stare into that tube all day, so she didn't refute my first statement. Rather she said something unrelated and pretended that that somehow counters what I said. Secondly, every camera that has a flip-out screen also has a viewfinder. So all they are really doing is limiting your choices.

But what mainly bugs me about this is that I'm not really saying anything particularly difficult to figure out. Stubborn though it may sound, I'm definitely right. But she didn't want to change her mind on the matter because she had a theory to defend. That's all it is. It's not that she chose a position through a lot of careful thought, she just selected a position and adamantly stuck to it. Sadly, I think that this is tremendously commonplace. Where does this confusion between 'standing your ground' and 'being pig-headed' come from?

Perhaps I'm writing this down just to remind myself not to fall into that trap. It's good to be swayed by other people's opinion. Ah, how beautiful it is to change ones mind.

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michael crowe said...

I love the quote:

"Stubborn though it may sound, I'm definitely right."

Great post P!