Thursday, 18 December 2008

Journal Excerpts: March to December 2004

From mid-2002 to early 2005, I kept a journal of ideas and thoughts. I've been flipping through it today, and thought I'd copy out some of the later ones that I still like:

Yetzer Hatov - a Hebrew term that means 'the good instinct'

If an antidote to pain was invented, then I would wonder how I could survive without it

By the year 3000, the whole world will be speaking Chinese

[Excerpt from a conversation with Steve Crowe who mis-heard me]
Paul: "this t-shirt cost me ten smackers"
Steve: "tit smackers?"

Weird advertising ploy on posters and TV commercials: men dressed up as 'hunger' or 'dyslexia' or headache demons

It's a danger. From an early age you might be making shit jokes, but people laugh out of politeness and you grow up with the misconception that you're funny, but you aren't. You're just surrounded by kind people

It is not God's presence, but rather God's absence that is mans greatest source of comfort
[That's a quote from the film Eloge de Amour]

WWF wrestlers are comic book characters put back into real life:
Reality --> Fiction --> Reality

In the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Judy Garland sings in anticipation, and Eva Cassidy sings in retrospect (step-mum's observation)

Punks feign poverty, Townies feign vitality, Rockers feign trauma and Bohemians feign sophistication


Karen said...

What about Israel Kamakawiwo's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow?

Paul Taberham said...

hmmm, hadn't thought of that! probably retrospect again. you reckon?