Sunday, 28 December 2008

Corporate Cannibal

I never really understood the whole thing about Kate Moss. If I hadn't been told that she was so interesting, I don't think I would have noticed. I am prepared to concede that I might be missing something, but honestly - I don't get it. Seems to me that people say that they like her because it's considered more discerning than to say that you like Abi Titmuss.

I've tried to pick out a couple of images here in which I'm being fair to her. I realise that I could just choose two bad pics in an attempt to prove that she has no interesting qualities, but I don't think I've picked out 'bad' pictures. They just reflect what I honestly think, which is that she looks kind-of pretty and sort-of interesting, but never commits to an opinion on anything, and only seems to know one face expression - nonchalant.

Grace Jones, on the other hand kicks ass and I do think she's a real superstar. Unlike Kate, she developed a much more radical persona (know any other models who look like they could beat you up?), and she takes bigger risks in what she chooses to wear. Plus participating in the music industry makes you vulnerable to failure but she did it anyway. Hats off.

Unlike Kate, or most other models for that matter, she allows herself to look grotesque in the most exquisite way. If you don't know what I mean, look at the youtube video of her new single, Corporate Cannibal. That woman has balls.

Oh, and it's a great song, as is Slave to the Rhythm (her hit song from '85). Hooray for Grace!

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Karen said...

I have to defend Kate Moss' ethereal beauty here. The fact that she is so hard define is part of her attraction. She is the eternal enigma who provokes a Greta Garbo-like fasination from the media; it is no surpise that artist Marc Quinn chose her as the model for his £1.5million golden Spinx at the British Museum.

Some feminists dislike her because they say her body is like that of a boy. Not true. Her body is just not the body of a voluptuous woman, which doesn't mean that she should be ostracized for it.

And it isn't true that you can't find flickers of Kate's personality in her work and in the media. You can. She just makes those who can be bothered work harder to chase them.