Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sketches from a conversation on aesthetics

I had an invigorating discussion/ argument with someone a few months ago and I was scribbling down ideas as they came. Here are some edited remenants of said discussion...

what does the aesthetic suppress

abstraction is a transcendental move

Matisse/ Duchamp paradigm continued with Brakhage and Warhol
(retinal and conceptual)

the conceptual is the blind spot of the retinal and vice versa

why can't theory have an aesthetic?
(is it a misunderstanding of the use of ambiguity?)


i'm a modernist, not a post-modernist
i believe in purity of form (concerned with notes in music, not lyrics. don't like comedians doing songs, etc)
i fetishise america
i'm not one for subject matter, only form

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